Our Story

Good Times Guitar has taught hundreds of students in Santa Barbara county. Founded by Andy White in 2001, Good Times has always been about making music fun.

We teach guitar, drums, bass, piano, vocals and ukulele! Good Times helps students realize their musical potential in a fun, safe environment. You can check out the movies for yourself to see the students shine. We specialize in helping you learn the exact music that YOU like.

Rock. Folk. Worship. Blues. We teach it all!

What can we teach in guitar lessons? Good question! We teach theory, soloing, chords, composing, recording, and live performance. We’re happy to teach both acoustic and electric students ranging from beginners to very advanced.

We’ve also been teaching drums and bass for a long time! We love helping our students learn the fundamentals of theory and live performance. We specialize in giving students the tools they need to play confidently with a band.

Yes, we do teach ukulele and piano! Many of our students are interested in learning how to play piano or keyboard in a band. If you’re interested in learning chords and how to play rock or worship style keyboard, we can help!

In our tenure, several talented teachers have joined the team, including Jade Granada, Matt Knoles, Abby White, Dan Bos, and Dave Granada . All the teachers have played with local bands and recorded professional albums.

For the 2020-21 school year, Andy White, Jade Granada and Abby White are ready to take on a full schedule of students! Register HERE.

If you’re looking to find joy in music, come to Good Times!

Questions? Comments? Email us: andy@goodtimesguitar.com!

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