SoHo Student Showcase

GOOD TIMES STUDENT SHOWCASE at SoHo – December 9, 5:30pm

All families of performers must register for this event. Click HERE

You don’t want to miss this exciting event! Our students in music lessons or “Band Practice” will be performing downtown, at SoHo! This is a professional music venue – our students are going to LOVE playing there! Plus there’s delicious food and beverages for the parents! Please reserve the date and plan on a very exciting night of music and fun! Soho is located at 1221 State Street, Suite #205

After filling out the online form, we highly recommend that you call and reserve a table for dinner. SoHo requires all dinner guests to spend $15 or more per person on food. Their menu is incredible, so we hope you plan on having a really fun night! (If you prefer, you can just Venmo $15 per person to @andywhite7 – but we’d rather see you spend that money on food at SoHo!) Our goal is 60 or more dinner guests – we want to be invited back!

Remember, if your student wants to participate, you must fill out THIS FORM. This is required.

If you don’t have a student performing but would like to attend, you can make dinner reservations by calling SoHo 805-962-7776.

See you at the Good Times Student Showcase at SoHo!!